Nope, no naked men and women performing unspeakable sexual acts here… but sometimes whisky is so good it’s downright erotic — hence the title: Whisky Porn!

In here I write about whiskies I’ve tasted – and maybe about whiskies I dream of tasting. I give my humble opinion and try make it fun to read and easy to understand and, hopefully, mouth-watering. Basically, writing about whisky the same casual way I talk about whisky.

Why another blog about whisky? I wouldn’t know, because I don’t read other blogs about whisky, I just write one!

I’m no expert and I don’t break it up into categories like “the nose” and “the finish” — there’s so much I’ve yet to taste and learn… but that’s all part of the fun. Each bottle has something to teach us about the wide wonderful world of whisky. (And I promise — not too many painfully unfunny alliterations.) I’m just a whisky lover. And that’s what I’m going to write about. I drink mainly single malt scotch whisky, so I usually concentrate on that… though there are exceptions to the rule.

I like whisky so much that I sometimes take pictures of it, just for the colours and textures of it sloshing around in the bottles, the bottles themselves often works of design art… another way this blog is indeed quasi-pornographic!

Now and then I might have my wife Juliette write a review – or least comment on a whisky – or my brother Paul might be coaxed into giving his opinion. We’ll see!

Thanks for reading and feel free to drop me a line to tell me what you think!



Let 'er rip!

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