One Christmas, several years ago, my brother bought a bottle of Bruichladdich 3D for my father and I each from the Nova Scotia provincial liquor store and had them shipped over, as he was unavailable to join us that particular year. That Christmas eve, as we opened ours gifts and caught up, my father and I slowly but surely drank a little over two thirds of his bottle of 3D. At one point he ended up falling down a short flight of stairs and there was blood on the side of his head… although we couldn’t figure out exactly where it was coming from. My father thought that was hilarious. And of course, he found it less so the next morning as we woke with monstrous hangovers.

But you know what? It was worth it.

The 3D was, without a doubt, one of my all-time favourite whiskies. One of the most heavily peated whiskies of its time, it is quite unfortunately no longer available… although I did see a bottle on Amazon.uk… selling for about 200$, fiery canister and all.

Despite its heatstroke of peat, despite its 50% alcohol, it was smoooooooooth and lovely. Eminently drinkable. I think I cried when I finished my last bottle.

The (for a time) widely available Bruichladdich Peat was a relatively poor replacement, not living up the excellent reputation of its predecessor. The Port Charlotte Bruichladdies get closer, but that’s only because they were part of the original mix of 3 whiskies. There was something special to the 3D – it wasn’t all bluster and pomp, it didn’t need to be the smokiest or the peatiest… because it was simply one of the best.

What I wouldn’t do to have it back on the shelves…

Fwoooooohhhh! Indeed.


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