Bruichladdich is probably my favourite distellery. I like the range and variety of their products. I like that they’re not beholden to a specific style. Oh, sure, they have a style, but they’re ready and able to go out beyond it whenever and however they see fit. Many if not most of their bottlings have no specified age, they have a name relating to the style of whisky inside the bottle. They call themselves “progressive” and they mean it – just check out their strongly worded mission statement for yourselves!

And as an artist, I’d also have to say they possibly have the best graphic design of any of the whiskies I drink. I love the look of their bottles – the distinctive shape and labelling – and the cans they come are the only ones I keep for purely aesthetic reasons.

It also helps that they are one of the few independent distilleries whose various products pop up with regularity at the state-run liquor store here in Quebec – not that I can afford all of the bottles on offer!

Saltiness or peatiness are the words I’d use to describe they’re overall style, although as you’d guess, the latter is a better description of Waves. It’s like smoked sea salt and leather. Indeed, it reminds of me of when I used to chew on the leather strings of my baseball glove when I was a kid, drifting off into a dreamland when I should have been concentrating on my job as an outfielder…

My wife Juliette says it has a taste of olives or their brine – I wouldn’t know: I hate olives.

Basically, I call it the best whisky available here in Quebec for the money – 55$ at the SAQ. You’ll find less expensive or smokier, maybe even more balanced and well-rounded – but in my opinion, you won’t find better for the price. It’s my favourite “everyday” whisky – meaning emptying a bottle within the month won’t break the bank.

Now that is a tasty beverage.


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